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One Week to Go!

For nearly five years now, as owners of New World eBikes we have had to balance our "original" careers with the needs of this ebike business, with both of them competing for our time and attention. I will retire from my work as an engineer on March 4th (should be pronounced "March Forth!") of this year to devote more time to this very interesting enterprise of ebikes. The other owner will carry on for a few more years as a registered nurse until she, too is full time with the ebikes.

We find that electric bikes have transformed our lives for the better. We love our electric tandem and look forward to each ride together on it. We are certain that we are happier and healthier because of it.

There is a lot of talk about "enabling technologies" that have the potential for positive change in society. There are many that have been listed throughout the ages, from the invention of the plow in ancient history and the printing press of 600 years ago to dozens of enabling technologies in our own day. Two that are listed as significant for our modern era are the electric motor and the rechargeable battery. What happens when you combine these two enabling technologies with the most efficient mode of transportation in the world? You have an electric bicycle! This amazing device is virtuous not only for its efficiency, but because it conserves vital resources in our world, gives us cleaner air and makes the rider healthier, wealthier and happier. All hail the ebike!

Cazadero Trail, an exciting ride in Boring, Oregon.

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