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eBikes are Eco-Friendly
Lifetime Warranty on Gepida Frames
Responsible Stewards

​Few things in this world are entirely upside in the way that eBikes are - no deficiencies, no downside, no fly in the ointment.  eBikes are:

Flexible: the added power helps you with hills, headwinds, your physical condition, a load of groceries or your need to travel faster to meet a schedule or to keep up with friends.

Fun: a University of Oregon study found that ebikes are used 3.5 times as often as regular bikes - the fun factor is the difference!

Fitness: if you are using your bike 3.5 times as often, and the motor is doing half of the work, you are still getting 175% as much exercise!

Financially Sound: if you can eliminate one car from your transportation portfolio, you can save $700 or more per month.  That's a lot.

For the Earth: 30% of all trips are 5 miles or less.   If America did half of these by ebike, we could save ten quadrillion barrels of oil and eliminate a zillion tons of CO2, and obesity, and diabetes, and a general lack of fitness in the US, and bad traffic, and bad attitudes, and... 

(oil consumption and CO2 figures may need double-checking)

Our priority is to provide you with a high-quality ebike that will last for many years.


Thanks to years of continuous technology improvements, we are proud to be able to offer lifetime guarantees on all of our Gepida frames.


This warranty will cover any defects in the frame and entitles you to repair or replacement of the frame if such defects occur.

We also offer a 2 year warranty on all components, on all bikes, including electric tandem bicycles, e-city bikes, trekking bikes, and electric mountain bikes.


This warranty is limited to the original purchaser. Please register your ebike directly on Gepida's website to activate your warranty:

Each of us has the opportunity to impact our earth and our fellow-travelers through life.  New World eBikes believes we can hand the next generation a better planet by running our business according to these values:

  1. Trust - we give it and earn it, and it is worth more than money.

  2. Benefit - our product must improve lives and improve the planet by offering a better way to travel, through clean, fun, affordable mobility.

  3. Passion - if we don't love what we're doing, why do it?  Passion means understanding our product, engaging with the customer to understand their needs, and offering real value to delight them. 

  4. Responsible stewardship of our resources allows us to grow as individuals and communities toward greater freedom.

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