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eBike Technology

Gepida Hydroforming Alloy

Gepida Hydroforming Alloy is created with a special die forming technology using a high pressure hydraulic fluid. This ensures that each of our ebikes is optimized to be lightweight yet rigid, providing a responsive, comfortable ride.

Bosch Drive Systems

All New World ebikes for sale come equipped with high-quality Bosch drive systems, offering you an exceptional riding experience. By sensing your speed, pedaling force, and cadence, the Bosch drive system dynamically balances and optimizes the power provided.

Shimano Derailleurs

Shimano derailleurs give our ebikes consistent shifting no matter what gear you are in or what terrain you are on. Shimano shadow technology ensures minimal exposure to the elements and increased durability.

Comfort Geometry

Our ebikes offer an ergonomic design that keeps riders in a comfortable and relaxed riding position for longer periods of time. You'll also enjoy some of the most comfortable accessories available on the market today, such as comfort grips and saddles.

Water Based Painting

This modern and eco-friendly paint technology enables each ebike to be manufactured with immaculate finishes in beautiful colors. The durability of these finishes is further guaranteed by the special powder coating applied at the end of the process.

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