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Coldspring TX Tandem Weekend

Jeff and Heather bought their tandem in March and right away took it to the Coldspring Tandem Weekend in Coldspring, TX. They really enjoyed riding their new Gepida Thoris tandem.

Prior to the event Jeff made some changes to the tandem to meet their needs:

  • Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost for the stoker

  • Titec handlebar with Cane Creek bar ends for the stoker

  • Titec J-Bend handlebars and fixed stem for the captain

  • Time MTB pedals for both

Jeff removed the fenders, since they are not needed in Texas quite like they are here in Oregon! He also removed the rear factory rack and installed a new stay mounted rear rack.

They say, "We had so much fun riding the new tandem - it was very comfortable and the e-assist allowed us to ride with many friends. Battery life was exceptional - we rode mostly in Eco mode and used Tour mode for the hills - still having over 2/3 battery life after a 40-50 mile ride."

It looks like a furry interloper was hoping for a ride...

They had so much fun they made plans for the Southwest Missouri Tandem Rally in Springfield.

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