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Greenway Tandem Ride - Days 5-6

Updated: May 26, 2022

Day 5

Rode 40 miles from Sandwich MA to Orleans, MA. Orleans is at the bottom of the part of Cape Cod that starts to curve north before making he distinctive hook back to the west that most people are familiar with.

Today's riding started with 20 mile of road through some really beautiful residential areas and led us to the beginning of the famous (for cyclist) Cape Cod Rail Trail. We rode this for 20 more miles and will continue on it for 20 miles tomorrow morning before it regrettably ends. There are plans to continue the trail to the very end tip of Cape Cod at Provincetown (tomorrow's end point) where the Pilgrims made their landing in the Mayflower in 1620.

Day 6

Tonight we are in Provincetown at the very northern tip of Cape Cod. Beautiful ride today. 10 more miles on the Cape Cod Rail trail and then very rural roads that we more like bike paths then roads with only a occasional car.

Stopped at a few beaches but most just enjoyed the 33 miles to Provincetown.

We dropped our panniers at our hotel, had lunch at a waterfront restaurant before heading out to Race Point on more great bike paths. Dinner at the restaurant at our hotel. Ferry to Boston in the morning.

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