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Greenway Tandem Ride - Day 17

Well the rain finally caught up to us - and on our longest riding day (50 miles) too! We tried to wait out the morning showers, but gave up about 9:45am We headed out of Camden, bound for Bucksport in a pretty steady rain. We were hoping the rain would stop pretty quick but no such luck. It did steadily decrease all day and after lunch (in Belfast) it was pretty much over.

We made a big mistake with Janet's rain pants by not testing them before the trip. They were getting so old they pretty much disintegrated by lunch, so we threw them out.

The high point of today's ride was the Penobscot Narrows bride. The towers are almost the height of the Washington monument. The elevator ride to the top was very quick.

Bucksport is pretty much closed on Sunday, with one Chinese restaurant with take out only in the town so that was what we did.

Tomorrow we will be at our final destination, Arcadia National Park after completing the 40 miles. We will be staying in Bar Harbor just outside the park. (Kinda like Estes Park is for RMNP)

Tuesday will be a day off, Wednesday will be riding the parks famous carriage trails, Thursday will be more carriage trails and then catching the ferry over to Winter Harbor, where on Friday we will tour the Schoodic peninsula portion of the park before ferrying back to Bar Harbor.

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