• James Kammeyer

Greenway Tandem Ride - Day 11

We successfully escaped the witches' grasp and rode out of Salem this morning. A combination of cinder/dirt bike paths for the morning. The Greenway has every kind of riding surface.

A clicking noise with each wheel rotation was a sure sign of trouble. A broken spoke. Fortunately I had brought some spares so after about 45 minutes we were back riding. The long path ended and we had some great miles on smooth country lanes.

Wharf-side lunch again and got into Hampton Beach about 3:30 with enough time to make a trip to the laundromat. The joys of bike touring.

A very nice dinner at the Sea Ketch , a baked lobster casserole was fantastic.

Hampton Beach is actually in the state of New Hampshire, along New Hampshire's small number of miles along the coast.

Tomorrow we will enter Maine.

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