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Reptila 1000 SLX 10 city bicycle with Bosch electric power assistance

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The range of electric bicycles that Gepida offers includes high-quality pedelec bicycles that are suitable for a wide variety of needs. Our designers have selected parts from top manufacturers for use in a number of applications. The integration of top-quality Bosch parts has created outstanding bicycle variations, even though Bosch uses strict requirements for selecting  partners whose bicycles it allows to integrate its electronic systems into. We are proud to have been given permission to equip our bicycles in virtually all categories with full systems from one of the most reliable brands on the market. Long-lasting, smoothly functioning and user-friendly operation were important aspects in selecting these electronic systems.

Gepida Reptila 1000 SLX10 eBike

The 2015 version of the highly popular Reptila 1000 SLX10 features a brand new W-frame developed in line with current trends.  The comfortable W-frame, which is not just for women, but also for men who prefer a convenient ride, is lower, making it easier to mount than its predecessor. A lower centre of gravity improves the bicycle’s road holding characteristics, and a shorter wheel-base makes manoeuvring easier.

The geometry of the fork and the frame ensure a comfortable riding position, which is the main requirement for a city bicycle. The frame structure also contributes to good posture through the higher position of the head tube compared to the seat tube. 

The cogset and the brakes are also designed to ensure an optimal ride in cities. More braking power can be applied to the Magura HS-11 oiled rim even though less force is needed. The wheels and tires were selected to suit the needs of electric bicycles in urban traffic; therefore, the well-known Schwalbe tire was chosen, which is especially adjusted to the requirements of electric bicycles as it is slightly harder and rolls more smoothly. The mudguard is the top-quality model from the German company SKS; it does not wobble or rattle and functions perfectly and resists natural forces. The saddle is comfortable, cushioned and wide to ensure comfort, and the spring-mounted seat post also contributes to enhancing overall comfort. The adjustable handlebars and a thicker grip with palm support make steering easier. 

The lighting range from Trelock, a long standing German brand that is considered a top innovator, fully satisfies all high-end lighting needs. The front lamp produces 20 lux and ensures visibility up to 20 metres and you can be visible from as far as 700 metres away using the LED lamp equipped with overvoltage protection. The superflat, high-brightness, standing light version of the rear lamp can be seen from 120 metres.

Going back to the electric system and features of the Reptila 1000 SLX 10; the mid-range Bosch motor provides outstanding weight distribution. It is integrated into the drivetrain, which makes it more efficient and transfers more natural assistance. You’ll be able to overtake tired cyclists even if they’re going at 25 kmh. The drive unit of the bicycle is from the Active Line range, specially optimized for application in cities. Active Line has a longer operating distance, ensuring a pleasant "tail-wind" when riding your bicycle.

A high-performance battery, PowerPack 400, is integrated into the Reptila 1000. This version gives a more dynamic and sporty ride with a longer operating distance. In a lower gear you can even travel as far as 100 km. The screen is subtle, user-friendly and has some new functions, including a temperature display. The remote control is on the left, allowing you to access the main functions, such as adjusting the level of assistance, without letting go of the handlebars. 

The Bosch set is visually appealing and its smooth design and elegant structure were awarded with the highly respected Red DotAwards, which is probably why people say that it is not only good-looking, but smart as well.

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