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Alboin 900 CRS - No limit

Cross bikes are designed for sport and are often considered to be stripped down trekking bikes, free of any unnecessary weight, but still perfectly suited for trekking. Be it on unpaved roads or concrete roads, this bicycle will always take up the challenge. The Hydroforming frame of the cross bikes in Gepida's range guarantee strength, dynamism and energetic riding. These bikes are not only about a comfortable ride, but about going at top speed with no limits. We are so confident in the unique quality of our products that we provide an unlimited guarantee on Gepida frames. 

The Alboin 900 CRS is the top model in the Gepida cross category. If you want to conquer the city during the week and the woods at the weekends with a superb bike, then learn more about it in our article and go to a bicycle showroom to check it out in person.  

Gepida Alboin 900 CRS eBike

The tubes of the 900 CRS are designed with a varying geometry takes impacts from various directions flexibly and dynamically. The centre of gravity of the frame is lower than in the 900 series trekking bikes, which results in a more dynamic ride. The 63mm-long Suntour NC-D LO fork, equipped with an extended spring route, also contributes to an off-road travelling.

The design of the handlebar head provides a sportier riding position, while the two-component grip gives you a comfortable hold on the handlebars. Shimano Deore LX shifters fall in the lower range of the top category, the Deore front derailleur is mid-level, while the Deore XT rear derailleur ensures a high-performance switching experience. These three components together ensure a reliable and accurate drivetrain. The 11-13-toothed chain-gear is capable of high speeds on flat terrain, steep slopes and, of course, on unpaved roads as well. The integrated axle drive unit of the Alboin 900 CRS ensures durability and robustness, and increases the lifetime of bearings.

The narrow-design Velo 3315 saddle facilitates a sporty posture. Thanks to the tread rim and cam of the tires the bike can be ridden easily on any type of terrain. 160mm-long Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes are lightweight but reliable and strong. The integrated axle drive unit ensures durability and robustness, and increases the lifetime of bearings.

The finish is of high-quality and is durable due to a modern water-based procedure. The main benefit of applying this technology is that it covers the bicycle uniformly with three layers, which improve the appeal and value of bikes as a result. However, it doesn’t make the bikes more expensive, which is why our customers prefer it. 

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